I went to dinner with Sharon last night and it was awesome.
We have been hanging out for some time and I discovered she was about five years older. Living in a predominantly traditional African town has taught me that my society frowns at relationships where the woman is older, so I was a little reluctant to move forward with the friendship. Make no mistake Sharon is flawless. Exuding beauty that makes Miss World jealous, just like she stopped aging immediately after puberty, witty, jovial and unbelievably homely.
I invited her to dinner to bare my mind to her, so I told her my mind. I told her what I felt and how it is impossible for it to work since she is older. She was shocked to find out that she is older. After gathering herself, she said: “have you not heard that age is just a number, show me one person that age has ever stopped. If you are up for it, then let’s give it a try”. That till date is the best news I have heard (of course not counting Jesus saving me). So, it is official I will be going on a lot more dates with Sharon(winks).
I definitely slept well but Sharon’s words got me thinking “…show me one person that age has ever stopped”. Well, I tried to come up with a number of epic failures as a result of age and I found none but the list of late bloomers was simply endless. I remembered Vincent Van Gogh did not paint until he was 27 years old and his brilliant works are still celebrated, Charles Darwin who did not publish his book On the Origin of Species till he was 50 years old, Sam Walton started Walmart when he was 44 years. Stan Lee, the creator of Fantastic Four, Spiderman and a host of Marvel comics created Fantastic Four (his first) just before his 39th birthday.
The list just refuses to end, Henry Ford and the model T did not happen until he was 45, Ray Kroc did not even own McDonald’s until he was 52 and Harland Sanders (or Colonel Sanders as we love to call him) only franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken at 62. Samuel L. Jackson got his first big role at 43, Morgan Freeman was 52 when he got his.
I made excuses for everyone on my list how it is possible for age not to be an object. Then I remembered Fauja Singh who never ran in a marathon until he was 89!!! Then it dawned on me.
Not only is age just a number but it has never limited anyone; not in love, career, passion or anything you can think of. You are never too young or too old or even too unqualified to achieve whatever you can creatively imagine. So I decided, even as I anticipate the wonderful times with Sharon that I will make an attempt at pursuing every of my imagination because there really is nothing stopping me. I think you should too.


There I was, fagged out after a very hectic day at work in my usual corner at the bar, sipping my favourite drink in my most melancholic state simply wondering why all my bosses conspired with nature to punish me on my birthday.

The day started nicely. The weather was perfect; traffic was unusually light so I got to work very early. I settled in fast and fresh ready for a stress free day as I had cleared my tasks for the week since Tuesday just to make Thursday free. And there they were…. (more…)



It is that time of the year when love is celebrated – February. IT’S VALENTINE!!!

The picture that readily comes to our minds when love is discussed is that of two romantic lovers sharing a moment. As sweet as this picture is, it is only one of the many beautiful faces of love. Saint Valentine is remembered today not because he was in a romantic relationship, but because he let love reign supreme. He gave people a chance at love even when the powers that be would not permit it.

While we want to see two beautiful souls sharing their romantic moments, while we really should celebrate them, it will be very sweet if we can remember these categories of people whose daily actions of love reminds us that beyond the romantic moments, love is shared abroad. (more…)

RESOLUTIONS… just maybe

A word that starts to trend more as the year drags to an end and we begin to take stock of the achievements and shortcomings of the ending year.

Usually, whenever the shortcomings outweigh the achievements, many of us are quick to carry them over in addition to the new sets of goals we have fashioned for the coming year. As the new year completes the first phase of its 12-phase journey round the sun, here are a number of random thoughts in the form of ‘just maybes’ to help evaluate and approach our resolves more efficiently.

  • JUST MAYBE… If you had been told that the timeline of our goals is not limited to a year and that you are not a failure if you fail to accomplish it this year it does not make you a failure. I mean you only fail when you stop trying. You do not need to register it as a carried over task (it’s no longer school; it is life). So, if you fail at it once just keep at it having the assurance that it’s never too late and you have all the time in the world as long as you have life.
  • JUST MAYBE… If you had been told your resolutions do not necessarily have to be big life goals. Rather, they could be little changes which could be habitual or relational which in the long run could bring you closer to your life long desires and goals. The concept of micro-resolutions has become fairly popular in recent times and it’s all about taking small steps that result in big change. For instance, your micro-resolution may be to be polite to everyone you encounter and then making it habitual.
  • JUST MAYBE… If you realized that the pressure you feel about attaining certain social levels which prompts you to always make ‘outrageous’ resolutions is only there because you worry of it maybe – just maybe, you will stop over thinking everything and allow some positive thoughts give you the energy to accomplish your resolves.
  • JUST MAYBE… If you had realized the sway the company you keep has over the bulk of your decisions, you would have by now become friends with more people who share your resolve. The strength of a team in accomplishing a task is far bigger than going at it alone. That is why most addicts are implored to join anonymous meetings in order to help their resolves to beat addiction progress faster.
  • JUST MAYBE… If you realized that the major reason you could not see your resolutions THROUGH last year was SIMPLY because you FAILED to start. The journey of a thousand miles they say, begins with a step… a step. The trick is not to try thinking out the entire process that it would take to accomplish your resolves and just trusting that if it is conceivable then it can be accomplished
  • JUST MAYBE… If I told you this is where you set your imaginative mind to work allowing it to set your body in motion thus accomplishing all you hope to so that come December, your accomplishments will outweigh your shortcomings maybe you will realize this is….

The End


Welcome to my lifestyle blog.

While every first time computer programmer loves the feel of their first ‘HELLO WORLD’ programming it is always joyful when the first blog is written. This blog will attempt to address a number day-to-day topics everyone form differing opinions on, not to generate controversies but to deal with the various challenges emanating from the difference in opinion. Constructive criticism of the blog at any point is always welcome.

looking forward to many wonderful interactions with you all.